Friday, 30 June 2017

Marketing With SEO

Stigmas regarding SEO's have existed for many years. Your site is at risk for manual penalties and the brand of your reputation can be tarnished. The companies who misapply SEO make it difficult for the ones who follow the correct principles.

You must Acknowledge the stigma to run your enterprise. You must use strategy alignment and an allocation of your resources to enhance and defend your brand. If you have an established brand, focus on protecting your brand not revenue and traffic. Your program must be positioned to defend your brand before you consider revenue.

Do not relinquish your brand or you will lose control of not only your brand but your message as well. Customers want information regarding your services, products and brand. This must be provided or someone else will become the informational source regarding your company. Your web properties need to be in the search engines results for questions about your brand.

If the visibility of your brand is not important to your company customers may receive incorrect information. When an external source is used for information regarding your brand it can lead to negative experiences and loss of revenue.

Companies with physical locations or mobile apps have a lot more SEO touch points needed to protect their brand. If incorrect information is displayed your brand will be blamed instead of Google. Search queries show you what customers want and it is easy to access this information and use it for leverage.

SEO is critical for protecting your brand on the web. Most customers will Google the address, phone numbers, and store hours for your physical location. If this information is incorrect it can cause a negative brand experience and may cause your potential customers to consider another option.

Affiliate programs bring in awareness and revenue but are not exclusive. An affiliate clicks and a cookie drops but you have to provide the path to take advantage of their traffic. An SEO team works with affiliate teams to recapture traffic for brands needing better representation.

A mobile app can improve a customers shopping experience. If they are unable to locate your app they may find an app that misrepresents your brand and causes a negative experience. Typos can cause traffic leaks since companies can use domains to intercept your traffic. An SEO tram can help you with search terms to help prevent this from occurring.

Site search queries are evaluated by SEO teams to find the gaps in expectations. Giving your team leverage allows them to do the same thing for your internal search analysis. This helps eliminate potential friction on your site.

SEO's are not limited to Yahoo, Bing and Google. If there is a microphone or a search box for customers to make queries about your brand, your SEO team is responsible for managing the results. Even though Google is the top source regarding queries, the volume of all the search points is a lot higher than just Google. An SEO investment will provide millions of touch points for your brand.

You have to be accountable to your brand and take the correct steps to be certain your brand is protected. The more organized you are the more effective the role of the SEO. This will result in the disappearance of stigmas said to be bad for the brand.

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